Friday 3 June 2016

Mixed Media pARTy | Terhi Koskinen

Hello 13arts Fans, Terhi here!

Just few weeks ago we had one of the best weekend ever over at Mixed Media pARTy in Poland, you can read about it from here.
Not only we had tons of laughing and fooling around, we also did some serious mixed media crafting during four different workshops. I personally learned a lot of art journaling, and that is why i'm posting this art journal spread for you today.
It was created during Anna Rogalska's class, she is the ultimate master of creating unique art journals and it was a huge pleasure to attend one of her classes. Just take a look of all the textures and layers we created!

I always thought art journaling needs to be really personal like a diary, but this class gave me an idea that it isn't. you can just have fun, try new things and create.

I cut out some leaves and butterflies from one of the Aura Rosa collection papers, never thought about adding fuzzy cutting to my art journal either. So many new discovers!

Having flat art journal book might be easier to handle, but Anna showed us it's not necessary, you can have your layers and textures and dimension, just don't mind about the book can't be closed. 
Really tricky for my kind of clean loving neurotic.

I also taught one canvas class, but before taking pics of my sample work during the class, I already gave it away for charity. But all the student did magnificent work, so please take a look to Mixed Media pARTy blog to see all the creations.

Aida's class was the first we did, and it was a great start for the weekend. We altered an art journal cover and above you can see a peek of mine. It's still not ready, I'm hoping to find some time to paint the backside white, but the actual cover is quite beautiful already. Loved all the tricks Aida gave us about using mica flakes, microbeads and other tiny things.

And of course we had Olga teaching us as well. Olga's class was the most hilarious, as we did some surgery to barbie dolls! I was very excited about altering a doll, and I'm truly happy I did this class. I'm not completely satisfied about the doll's hair, it went quite flat during my flight back home, but will do another one some day and then I'm much wiser what comes to packing art ;)

If you read this far I'm really proud of you. The whole weekend was full of inspiration, new friends, old friends, good food and having fun and could easily talk all day long about it.
If you ever have an opportunity to join an event like that (maybe next year?) please do so, at least my everyday life got huge amount of extra power to keep on what I'm doing.
Feeling very grateful for Aida, and all other in the party!

Thank you for stopping by!

Terhi xx

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