Thursday 14 April 2016

13 arts in Paris
Version Scrap 8-10 April, 2016

It was the second international event in Paris that 13 arts has attended, but it was the first one we had appeared as a big 13arts crew. Aida and Olga were teaching 9 different 13 arts classes and Marta was a big help to our contestants too. Also one of our Designers Lili from France was there too:) So it was great to see this big representation of 13 arts team.

There are more opportunities like that coming soon, we love to teach and share our mixed media love around the world, so if you would like us to come to your country just let us know we are ready and open !!!

Aida and Olga will be teaching in September in Finland, and more events are coming too, so stay tuned we will give you more details soon:)

And if you want to come to Poland we have our 13 arts International event coming in May and there are last few spots left, so please visit and register asap.

And now back to Paris :) 
We had the most talented and nice students. Everyone made stunning works and we get more kind words that any blogpost can carry. We are so grateful to all our students for attending our classes and we would like to give thanks to everyone who come into our class room to talk, say hi, give us a hug or make a photo. THANK YOU!! MERCI!!

We made new friendships and meet french 13 arts fans!

Some of our projects in our classroom:

CARTOSCRAP store had a lot of our products in their booth - thank you to all the clients who purchased our goods! You can still buy them at Cartoscrap online store. 
If you need more information about our products please check 13 arts team tutorials and 13 arts videos, Aida's and Olga's tutorials. 13 arts Ustream channel,
and you can always ask us about anything at 13 arts ARTelier group

And here are some photos from our Paris classes:



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