Thursday 15 January 2015

Project Restoration with Jelissa

Happy Thursday friends!

Today I'm up on the 13@rts blog with my first project for 2015. For that, I've taken an abandoned altered project and tried to give it a second lease of life.

Here's the art palette I tried to work on about 8 months ago but couldn't find the inspiration to continue with:

Nothing that a (few) layers of gesso can't do. Here's the same palette again and I manage to retain the textures from the stenciled design.

And after some tinkling around (and of course I was inspired by my fabulous team mate Ingrid Gooyer), here is the restored art palette:

I've used a lot of 13@rts mediums here - the modeling paste, acrylic primer, gel medium, and of course their lovely matte paints and mists. My favourite colors for now (which I used here) are Berry (both matte paint and mist), Lilac (chalk mist), Cobalt Blue (matte paint) and Coral (matte paint).

Some close-ups:

I created a little bundle of brushes with two of my own (already destroyed by my constant usage) and some chipboard brushes To create the bristles, I used the gold glitter strips from 13arts and sealed them down with gel medium. To create texture on the rest of my palette, I held the microspheres from the 13@rts store with lots of modeling paste, glass beads which I got from the neighbourhood stationary shop, a piece of lace, dry-wall tape and torn canvas strips. 

Suddenly I'm into these twine bundles and I've made another one here to hold my brushes together. They were then given a coat of crackle paint. The mists and paints watered down help to enhance the appearance of the cracks. 

Another cluster and a closer look at more texture. I also used the the Art stencil to add in some sentiments on top of my title piece. 

More floral clusters.

That's all I have for today. Thank you for dropping by!

13@rts products used:

Silver MicrospheresGlitter gold - stripes


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