Monday, 27 October 2014

One paste, two ways with Jelissa

Hello friends! 
How was the weekend for you? Mine was really, really busy!

Today I'm up on the 13arts blog with a short tutorial post on the different ways you can use modeling paste.

Here's the project:

In this project, I have kept my embellishments to the minimum to show the two ways Ayeeda modeling paste can be used.

The first way is very commonly used - to emboss. When applied without any spreading or flattening, the more modeling paste you have the more raised the surface. You can manipulate your palette knife to create more "peaks" for a rougher texture. Another way to emboss with modeling paste is to use it over a stencil (both methods of embossing can be seen in this photo) to get a raised pattern. 

What goes up must come down. The second way to use acrylic modeling paste is to de-boss. Instead of creating peaks (or raised surfaces), you are making depressions. As seen in the photo, I have spread some Ayeeda modeling paste over my canvas, and stamped some script into the modeling paste. The stamped design presses into the paste and creates depressed script, which I further enhanced by misting with a darker and contrasting color (Pastel Lavender vs Pastel Caramel and Pastel Yellow).

Here's another example of de-bossing with modeling paste.

13arts products used:

 So that's all I have for you today. Thanks for dropping by the blog and have a great week ahead!


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