Monday 19 May 2014

Interior artwork by Maria Potapovich (mellpellmell)

Do you love the interior artwork, as I do?

Here is Maria Potapovich (mellpellmell) and one of my infatuation -  interior artwork (or interior painting).

Loft-style interiors are in vogue now - and I also really love them. 
And you know, they require specific decorations.
Interior painting, such as the one which I want to share with you now, is most appropriate specifically for such interiors - not congested, a bit empty and with lots of air.

The paintings, which are made to order, we must write on the basis on which the customer wants - it's true.
But this picture was made for my own pleasure. So I let myself to use my favorite basis - a cardboard box (IKEA). (This is not advertising! hahah...)

The only disadvantage - I absolutely do not know how to photograph paintings larger than 30 * 30 cm))).
So you'll have to look at photos which only vaguely are show the truth about this picture (I apologize again...).

By this photo it is absolutely impossible (!) to understand how the picture looks (sorry again), but you can roughly estimate its size.

Do not pay attention to my totally displeased facial expression - I'm just upset that the picture does not fit entirely into the frame)))).

And now I want to show the picture little closer:

13arts products which were used:

 Have a creative day))