Saturday, 11 August 2018

Last project by our GD- Lena.

Dzisiaj pora na ostatnią pracę od Leny. Leno, dziękujemy Ci za wszystkie piękne projekty. Mamy nadzieję, że jeszcze zobaczymy Cię na naszym blogu. 

Time for the last project made for us by Lena. Lena, thank you for all your beautiful creations! We hope to see you again on our blog. 

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Hi everyone!!!

Today I would like to share a junk journal I've made with you. 

The cover is made from a box of chocolate crackers. I just folded some edges in and added I bit chipboard to the spine. Then painted it all with white gesso.

I added some yellow, turquoise and a tiny bit of black paint to the background of the cover. Then I stamped the feathers and the brush on tissue paper and cut it out. I colored the feathers with water colours with different intensity to make the middle feather pop a bit. 

Junk journal can be a lot of things, often made with scrapbooking paper and new stuff but I decided to go for junk all the way. My signatures (booklets) are made from from grocery bags, commercials och information brochures. Painted them with a thin layer of white gesso at well.

I attached the signatures with an elastic cord and also made a loop to keep the book closed. 

You can use your junk journal for anything, diary, clip book or as in my case, an art journal.

This page is made with black gesso mixed with magic powder to get an black modelling paste that I used with the lovely face mask. I also fuzzy cut lovely papers from 13@rts including the text and the feathers under the flowers. 

I hope you enjoy my last blog post as a guest designer and we will see each other in 13@rts Facebook group 13 art ARTelier!


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