Monday 31 August 2015

So Amazing - Layout Tutorial by Jacqueline Moore

Hi everyone!! Its Jacqueline here today to share with you a really fun layout I created using lots of awesome 13 Arts products!!!
I had been playing around making some little hand-painted feathers for my arrows I like to make when I realized that it would look super fantastic as a layout background.
I have also put together a little tutorial for you.

'So Amazing'

I really love how this turned out..... It is probably one of my favorite layouts so far!!!
 The photo is of my Son Jet and I at the zoo earlier this year.

Some Details: 

 The chipboard hearts have been given a coat of White SPLASH! Ink, which gives the chipboard an enamel feel.

 The chipboard frame has been covered in the Natural Mica in Fine Silver.

Here is the tutorial:

Steps 1 and 2: I have chosen to use plain white card for my background, but you could just as easily use a lightly patterned paper. Sketch your feathers onto the background using a lead pencil. When you are happy with them, outline in a black pen and add some detailing.

Steps 3 and 4:Outline all your feathers, add detailing, and draw some stitching around the edges. Then use your palette knife to spread gel medium all over the background. I have done this after drawing the feathers because if I had done it first the pen would just wipe off as soon as it got wet. The Gel Medium will also stop your paints/mists soaking into the paper making them easier to re-work and more vibrant.
Select a range of 13 Arts Paints and Mists and color your feathers, adding some splatters in the background.

Steps 5 and 6: Add some random stamping with archival ink in black and a script stamp. Add some more splatters of mist then stencil some triangles onto your background using Modelling paste and the Triangle Stencil from the Color Basic Collection.

 Steps 7 and 8: Spritz the whole background with Pearl Silver Mist. Cut and distress your papers and layer them towards the bottom of the page with foam tape, adding Calico on top.

Steps 9 and 10: Add some twine and your photo. I have then added some splatters of Fuchsia and Pink Mist to the background to tie in with my photo. Next I have covered a Chipboard heart lattice in White SPLASH! Ink, then cut it into smaller pieces. I have also covered a chipboard frame in Natural Mica in Fine Silver. I have then added my embellishments to my page using Gel medium to secure them, and brushing my flowers with Gesso. 

Step 11: I have finished of by spraying a few of the blue flowers with Chalk Turquoise Light Mist, and brushing some Chalk Ultramarine Mist beneath some of the papers and flowers. I have then added some Silver Mica Flakes randomly around the page beneath my embellishments, and adding some Silver Microspheres to a few of my flowers. I finished off by adding a couple of Clear Decorative Crystals and the butterfly gem at the top.

I hope you like my layout and are inspired to create something unique of your own!!!
13 Arts products used:
Color Basic Mask - Triangles
Microspheres - Silver 
Natural Mica Flakes - Silver 
Decorative Crystals - Clear
Natural Mica - Fine Silver
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Turquoise; Matte Pea
Ayeeda Pearl Mist - Pink; Black (Graphite); Silver
SPLASH! Ink - White



  1. Gorgeous background and love the colors! Fabulous! :)
    Suchi xx

  2. Hello Jacqueline, your layout is AMAZING !!! I love your background work...the colour and your sweet pic.Thanks for the tutorial...Have a nice day...Hugs from The Netherlands

  3. Amazingly gorgeous!! Your background that you created is simply stunning!!

  4. Beautiful layout Jacqueline! I love how you draw your feathers and created such an amazing background. Such a fantastic photo too.

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