Monday 16 April 2018

"Sinfonia" A Doll Paint by Kaity Paltridge

Hello 13 Arts friends. I have spent the weekend with my daughter as she has been visiting me from Melbourne. We did a little bit of shopping on Saturday morning and we came across (somehow) the doll section in the department store. 

She said to me "Oh mum I've always wanted try and do a doll paint, I've seen them on Youtube and they look amazing. Can we buy a doll?". It was like she was 7 years old again not 23!

As soon as we got home she raided my studio and picked out all the mediums she could use to decorate her doll. A full list of the products she used is at the end of this post.

She had chosen the Monster High doll Frankie Stein because of her gorgeous mermaid tail. Here is what the doll looks like when you buy it from the store. It cost us about $16 AUD

She got decapitated pretty early on in the process!

But it was absolutely worth it because this is how she turned out in the end.

Many layers of Ayeeda paint and Shiny Powder created a fabulous mystical look over the top of the pearls and micro spheres on her torso and forehead.

Hexagonal black sequins adorn her hair line as well as under her chin to give the idea of scales growing on her skin.

Ayeeda paint very carefully and skilfully applied to her face and body to transform her features.

Dusted wings! Transformed from the bright blue they were originally using some 13 Arts gesso and shiny powder, glitter and micro-spheres.

Pearl shiny powder to giver her face a shimmer.

I think she is simply beautiful and I am so proud of my very talented daughter for creating her. The transformation is AMAZING!

My daughter is such a talented girl. She's inspired me to give this a go one day. I think next up a vampire!

13Arts Products used:

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