Tuesday 7 February 2017

LO by Natalya Loi

Hello, dear friends!

Today with you Natalya and I would like to show you my another mixed media layout about winter magic! I love New Year! I have a lot of projects about this time! Especially this year).

For me, New Year is a miracle. Small but always warm touch of winter that reach everyone. People warms their hands with mittens and cup of coffee and with a smile greets the first snow. It's time when you can feel the smell of the mandarines and pine trees! And for sure, New Years Eve is a time to share good stories, warm of your hearts and to give a presents. To relatives or strangers, or even to animals and birds just to make them smile and feel happy. New Year is one more chance to say how much you love those you care for! The New Year is a time of fairy tales! Very good and beautiful! This time is for miracles and magic, when every person on Earth, no matters how old are they or how deep life experience they have, in the depths of their souls and in spite of everything, starts to believe in miracles! Sincerely.. like a child! And miracles often come true under the starry sky and softly falling snowflakes. Just close your eyes, make a wish, even the craziest you have, and it will come true! 

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Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh this is stunning! So dramatic against the dark background.