Wednesday 18 December 2019

Baby girl

I hope you liked our December challenge and are working on your creations with much joy. 
Let's see how I put my layout together, step-by-step.

I traced the pine tree shape on a piece of paper, then I decorated it with stencil and grey ink pad.
By using modeling paste I stenciled snow-whiffs on the whole page. First I was working with another picture....

I splattered watercolor from my palette on a foil, then I pressed this foil on the page.

I spread some splash ink everywhere to give my creation a snowy - glittery shine.

I applied some stickers and a few snowflakes and stars using heat embossing.

I used sisal to lift the photo. Now it's time to arrange some flowers, berries, pine tree and chipboard...

A bit of stamping and splattering black splash ink over the page. Here, I was using a different photo.

It wouldn't be complete without spheres and micro beads.

Now let's have a look at the finished layout:

Products what i used:
Paper Flowery Day

We'd like to encourage you to show us your projects!
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Thank you for watching :)


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