Wednesday 14 February 2018

Design Team 2018 reveal :)

Witajcie:) Na wstępie chciałabym serdecznie podziękować wszystkim, którzy przesłali swoje zgłoszenia, poświęcili czas na przedstawienie siebie i swojej twórczości.  Mieliśmy naprawdę mnóstwo fantastycznych zgłoszeń.  Ostatecznie wybraliśmy 4 nowe projektantki do stałego zespołu i grono Gościnnych Projektantów.  Dziękuję Wam z całego serca za chęć podjęcia współpracy z nami.

Hello 13 arts friends:)  Before I will introduce new 13 arts team I want to say big thank you to all amazing artists who sent their applications, you put a lot of effort to write about yourself and your artworks. We have received dozens of wonderful applications. Finally we have chosen 4 Designers for our team and 4 groups of Guest designers. I want to thank you with all my heart that so many wonderful people want to cooperate with us and this is really an honor.

Chciałabym także podziękować wszystkim naszym byłym projektantom, którzy współtworzyli to miejsce przez ostatnie lata. Było nam bardzo miło z Wami współpracować :) 
Od marca nasz nowy zespół będzie współtworzył to miejsce -  ośmioro fantastycznych projektantów, którzy jak do tej pory będą Was inspirować swoimi pięknymi pracami oraz grono ambasadorów marki i edukatorów, którzy będą przede wszystkim pokazywać jak używać naszych produktów, zaprezentują ciekawe triki i techniki, będą dla Was udostępniać darmowe kursy video, prowadzić warsztaty i pokazy.  

I also want to say a big thank you to our previous designers who cooperated with us for last couple of years, it was a pleasure to work to with you:) Starting March this team will be creating this place - eight fantastic designers, who will be creating beautiful artworks to inspire you and a group of Brand Ambassadors and Educators, who will show you how to use our products, who will present great tricks and techniques, will make free videos for you, teach classes and make demos and live shows.

Oto nasz wspaniały zespół 13 arts 2018
Please welcome our amazing 
2018 Design Team:




United Kingdom










Hi everyone! My name is Shona Keehn, and I am from beautiful British Columbia Canada. I am thrilled to be part of the 13 Arts family and excited to share projects with you all! I get so much inspiration from this wonderful industry and I hope that I can inspire you! I have been scrapbooking for about 15 years now and like to change up my style frequently and enjoy making layouts, mixed media, altered pieces and canvas art! You can visit me on my blog at and Instagram:  skeehnsicshona



Hello! My name is Monika Januszewska-Rosik, aka Galaxia. I live in the polish countryside with my husband, a dog and two cats. I love to experiment and create dimensional, layered projects especially altered art and layouts. I like the most vintage and retro style, but I also make a colorful projects with shimmer and gitter. I am so excited to work with 13arts products, it will be a great experience!
My social media:



Hello my name is Anguree and I live in the beautiful Northern Territory of Australia.  I have been creating since ever I can remember. Growing up, I've always been the little girl who quietly sat down to do some stamping, painting, drawing or beading. Colours, craft  and mixed media have always captured my imagination and it comes to no surprise that these are still the things makes me happy today. I mainly create layouts, cards and ATC'S, but enjoy creating the occasional art journal or OTP project. My style varies from one project to another and you can expect me to create anything from pretty and girly to grungy,modern and almost  graphic. My work is generally characterised by the emotion it carries and balance between details and white space. 
I have been scrapbooking for more than 10 years, but have only joined the world of online challenges and blogs 5 years ago. Since my introduction to this new world of inspiration I have been incredibly blessed to  have my work featured in various magazines and regularly write articles for the Australian Simply Cards Magazine. With the help of beautiful friends I recently  had the opportunity to teach in shops in both Australia and South Africa.
I'm truly humbled by the opportunities that I have been given and can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure to work with a range of beautiful people and currently design for  three international manufacturers manufacturers  including 13arts, 49AndMarket, ScrapFX . I am part of an Aussie Kit Club, Scrappy Chat Designs and also design for  2 challenge blogs including More than Words Challenge Blog, Kraft Plus.
I am really excited to have the chance to share this passion with you and  hope that it will encourage you to create and to play along with our challenges. My wish for you  is that you will experience the same joy in creating and find the same support and love in the friendships and relationships this little industry helps you to cultivate.



Hello, my name is Christine, I'm from Quebec in Canada. I'm a mother of two boys Felix 13 years old and Gabriel 8 years old. I started to do some scrapbooking 12 years ago but I practice it more regularly for 2-3 years. I like everything related to art, mediums, colors, textures .... I love discovering new techniques. I do not have a particular style, I like to try different things. I am very honored and happy to join the 13@rts team, it is a dream come true.


We have also invited fabulous Guest Designers
Zaprosiliśmy również wspaniałych Gościnnych Projektantów:

MARCH - MAY 2018 
Libeeti Frankel (Israel)
Antonia Moreno (Spain)
Nora Paolini (Italy)
Hema SJ (India)

Sathya Kala Sankaran (UAE)
Lisa Amiet (Australia)
Lena Lindstrom (Sweden)
Einat Kessler (Israel)

Sabrina Perna - (Italy)
Elisa Ablet (Australia)
Lisa Rabellino (Italy)
Olga Limonya (Russia)

Ich sylwetki przedstawimy bliżej już wkrótce:)
More about our new Guest Designers we will write soon:)

Dziękuję, już się nie mogę doczekać Waszych inspiracji.
Thank You and I can't wait to see your creations.




  1. Congrats!!! Good luck! I will try again next time)

  2. A huge congrats! Great to see so many Aussie girls in there!

  3. Thanks much once again for the awesome opportunity to be here as Guest Designer. All the more excited to work with your products :)

  4. Congratulations everyone!
    I am so thrilled about this!
    Thank you!


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