Sunday 16 February 2020

Bondi - Layout created with "Down Under" collection by Aida

Hi everyone, as you know we have just released 4 new collections, but we also have released one special limited collection especially dedicated for our friends who live in Australia and New Zealand,  and also for everybody who just love those two countries. I am definitely one of them :)  Down Under collection includes 12x12" papers, corresponding A6 paper set, 12x12" chipboard set and two stencils. Very soon a small corresponding mini watercolor palette is coming to our store, as a part of this collection. The colors you can already see on this layout :)  

I will be travelling Down Under again soon, so if you would like to meet me, join the classes and get a chance to work with my new products, there are still some spots left.
I will be in New Zealand in late May 
and in Australia in early June: 

And today I want to show you my simple mixed media layout with the photo I took last year on Bondi beach. 

I used new Down Under collection products:


Watercolors mini palette (coming soon) 


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