Wednesday 2 December 2015

Mixed Media Box | Terhi Koskinen

Hello all!
Do you ever make makeovers for your projects? I do! I admit it, sometimes I do very bad (at least bad for my eye) work, and while I have been watching it for a moment, I tear it apart and start all over.
This project was one of those.

This is a book-looking box. It wasn't white, it was craft brown, and first it inspired me to stay with natural colors and natural elements. The result was ugly. Not my style at all. So I took all elements away, and started all over again.

After the first try the base was brownish, so my first step was gessoing it all white.
Then I took a lot of stash, trash, scraps, metal things, broken fork, broken magic wand, straws, all things I found from my drawers.
I adhered it all to highlight the little bulb light and key, then another layer of gesso. And another.
And again another layer. And lots of gel medium to glue it all together.

Beautiful pink color is created with several mists and paints. To created lively coloring, you need a lot of colors, lots of tones and shades, and I believe I made it good.

After all, it was worth doing it twice. And for me it's all about making, not just finishing it.
Thank you for stopping by here today!

Terhi xx

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  1. I love it! So rich and textured, and I love the color!

  2. Wow, Terhi, so very gorgeous - I love all of the wonderful pieces - very cool. And, the element next to the frame reminds me of one of the very old satellites.

  3. how do I set the colors so that they don't fade ?