Friday 30 January 2015

Super Quick Canvas and Tutorial with Jacqueline

Hiya!! I hope you are all having a great week, and that you all had a wonderful first month this year!! Today I want to share with you a little canvas I made as a gift for my Mother, and it was super quick and easy to put together. If you would like to see just how easy this was to make read through as I have put together a little tutorial for you.


 Some details:

Here is the tutorial:

Step 1: Layer strips of washi tape on the background. You won't really see this later, it's more of a guide for where you want your elements to go.

Step 2: Cut strips of 13 arts paper and layer vertically and horizontally. 13 Arts paper is fantastic for projects like this as it really holds together and doesn't fall apart no matter how much paint, mediums, water, ect, you put on it.

Step 3: Cut and layer random pieces of lace, and glue down on your canvas with 13 Arts Gel Medium.

Step 4: paint over everything with Ayeeda White Gesso. Don't worry if you can't get it in all the gaps. It doesn't need to be perfect.

Step 5: Select some 13 Arts Paints. I have used Matte Peach, Coral, Apricot, Salmon, and a touch of Mahogany, though you can use as many or as little colors as you want. Brush them randomly over your background..... It doesn't need to be perfect.

Step 6: Spritz over the whole canvas with water. One thing I love about 13 Arts paints is that even when they are completely dry, the instant you spray them with water they liquify, turning to mist right on your canvas.

Step 7: Create a mixture of Glass Microspheres and Gel Medium, then paint the mixture onto your page creating a really bumpy, raised frame. Let it dry.

Step 8: As you can see I have turned my canvas around the other way, for some reason I just liked it better this way. Take 13 Arts White and Silver Glitter paint and roughly paint areas of your Microsphere frame. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to touch up areas of color on your canvas.

Step 9: Knot some groups of Metallic Silver Thread and glue to the canvas beneath some 13 Arts flowers, and a few paper roses.

Step 10: Randomly brush the petals of all your flowers with 13 Arts Paints in Silver Glitter, Pearl Silver and White and Silver Glitter. You can see in the photo below how I have done mine.

Step 11: Add another small rose to your canvas, then mount the word Family between it and your main flower cluster, lifting it off the background. Paint it with Ayeeda White and Silver Glitter. Add a few Gems from the 13 Arts store around the edges of your 'frame' and you are finished.

I hope you liked my tutorial! Like I said.... Super easy to make. Why don't you pull out your fave 13 Arts supplies and make a canvas of your own!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

13 Arts products used:

Paper - Timeless Collection - All The Time
Gel medium
Glass microspheres
Ayeeda Paint - Pearl Silver
Ayeeda Paint - Silver Glitter
Ayeeda Paint - White and Silver Glitter
Ayeeda Paint - Coral
 Ayeeda Paint - Salmon
 Ayeeda Paint - Peach
 Ayeeda Paint - Apricot
Ayeeda Paint -  Mahogany
Flowers - White
Wood Word - Family


  1. Que belleza!!!, me encanta!!!, voy a intentar hacer uno así, a ver como me sale :)))
    Muchísimas gracias por el tutorial!!, un abrazo

  2. Przepiękne! :) Koniecznie będę musiała spróbować ;)

  3. This turned out really amazing!!

  4. A totally amazing picture and great tutorial. Many thanks for sharing.

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