Thursday 8 January 2015

'Love This'.... Layout Tutorial by Jacqueline Moore

Hi everyone.... I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!! I am very excited to be sharing with you my very first post as an Educator for 13 Arts. I have so many things I wish to share with you, but we have lots of time, and today I thought I would start out simply and share this step-by-step tutorial of a layout I made just before Christmas using lots of beautiful 13 Arts Papers and Mediums. 

'Love This'

Here are some close-ups:


 Here is the tutorial I have put together for you:

Step 1 and 2: Take a sheet of 13 Arts paper, I have used some from the 'Timeless' collection, and spread gesso on your background down the left of the page, and coming to a point at the right center. Then using 13 Arts paint in a color of your choice, I have used peach, use an old credit card to scrape some paint on randomly.

Steps 3 and 4: Add modelling paste through a stencil to your background roughly in the areas of the gesso and paint. Let it dry. Next spray your entire stenciled area with Ayeeda Pastel Mist in Antique Cream, then while it is still wet add a few random sprays of Pastel Salmon, and some drops of Orange Ink. Tilt the paper slightly in all directions letting the colors blend together, then tilt upright to create some drips.

Steps 5 and 6: Next I have used Chalk Dark Brown Mist to create big splats using a mask on the background, turning it over and stamping off excess mist, then add some stamping. When my mists had completely dried I decided that it was a little too bright and bold for what I wanted, so I have taken a small paintbrush wet with water and 'scrubbed' some of the darker brown areas, using paper towel to deb off excess water and help lift some of the color out.

Steps 7 and 8: I then spread small amounts of gesso around the background, blending it in to soften some areas. I have added a strip of gold chevron washi tape to the top and bottom of the page, along with a small piece of gold glitter tape.

Steps 9 and 10: Next I have created my photo mat using a variety of papers from quite a few different collections. I always distress the edges of my paper for texture and separate each layer with foam tape for dimension. When all my papers were stuck down I added some distressed calico and a large circle of waxed cord, before mounting my photo above it using foam tape, so that it does not dip in the middle. I then add some more waxed cord and bakers twine, along with some splats of mist to blend the papers in with the background.

Steps 11 and 12: Now comes my favorite part..... Embellishing!! I have taken a Chipboard Polaroid frame from the Color Basic Collection, and painted it white with gesso. I have added a resin piece to the top right corner, and added some flicks of gold mist. I have also painted a chipboard swirl from Dusty Attic with Ayeeda Pearl Gold Paint and Gold Glitter Paint. I have glued this to the bottom pieces of my photo mat, then layered the polaroid frame above it, adding a few flowers underneath on the right to help keep it level with the papers. I have also added some flowers in the bottom right corner of the photo, a few pegs on the top left and chipboard clock painted white on the bottom left, and some brown mica flakes underneath the polaroid frame.

Steps 13 and 14: Continue building up your embellishments. I decided to move my pegs to the top right of the photo. They have been painted white with gesso and Ayeeda Paint in Gold Glitter, very lightly. I have also layered some flowers at the top of the photo. I have covered some chipboard banners in paper from the 'Color Basics' collection and added some modelling paste to the edges, layering them with foam tape beneath the photo. I continue to build up my flowers around the photo, brushing them all with gesso as I go.

Steps 15 and 16: Now that all your flowers are glued in place you can begin to work on your finishing touches. I have added more brown mica flakes to my layout, adding them beneath the banners at the bottom, and around the flowers at the top and on the left. I have then added the 'Family St' sign at the top, a key beneath the orange flower on the left, a metal drop the says 'bliss' to the banners, and a bow on top of the flowers beneath the polaroid frame. I finished of my page by using Gel Medium to glue glass microspheres to the tips of some of my flowers, as you can see in the photo on the right. I love doing this to my flowers. It makes them look like they are covered in either ice, snow or water droplets, depending on the light, and its very beautiful.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you have found something in this tutorial to inspire you!!

Products Used:

Modelling Paste
Gel Medium
Ayeeda Mist - Pearl Gold
Ayeeda Mist - Pastel Antique Cream 
Ayeeda Mist - Pastel Salmon
Ayeeda Mist - Chalk White
Ayeeda Mist - Chalk Dark Brown
Ayeeda Water Ink - Orange
Ayeeda Glass Microspheres
Ayeeda Paint - Pearl Gold
Ayeeda Paint - Gold Glitter
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Peach
Timeless Collection - Papers
Color Basics Collection - Papers
Frosted Life Collection - Papers
Cozy Evening Collection - Papers
Color Basic Words - Chipboard