Tuesday 12 July 2016

Bottle | Terhi Koskinen

Hello dear 13arts fans!

Terhi here sharing my candle-inspired bottle. I saw an old wine bottle which was used as a candlestick, all the stearin had been falling down and dried. It looked really nice. And inspiring.


To make my own stearin-look, I used hot glue gun to create the casts. Then adde several thin layer of white gesso to make it really white, and the rest is having fun with colors.

The original idea was to simply spray some mists and some water to make the coloring, but the creation process continued to mixing my own colors from Shiny Powders and Rainbow Colors.

This was easy and fun to make, and fits perfectly to our living room. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Terhi xx

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  1. Its AWESOME Never seen such beautiful monochromatic decorations !

  2. Terhi - it's gorgeous - and the colors are beautiful, as are the flowers!