Wednesday 12 February 2014

"Time" board (mixed-media, abstraction, 13@rts). From start to finish

Recently, I began to feel that in my house there are too many "inartistic" things.

So a few days ago a large cardboard box miraculously turned into an interior painting, and today came the turn of the cutting board))

It turned out, that sometimes it is enough just a little bit paint, paper and glue to make regular wooden cutting board started making a lot more fun than benefit)))

I want to share with you a video of how happened the board's transformation into the "wall art")))

Here is some photo:

As always, work with 13arts products - great fun! I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks to everyone who looked through to the end)) no ... thank you all!

13@rts products I’ve used:
Papier "Today, tomorrow, always"Pasta modelująca 120ml
Gesso - grunt akrylowy 120mlGesso czarne - grunt akrylowy 120mlMedium akrylowe ciekłe - Liquid Acrylic MediumMedium żelowe - Gel mediumMgiełka kredowa - Chalk WhiteMgiełka kredowa - Chalk IndigoMgiełka kredowa - Chalk Yellow AmberMgiełka pastelowa - Pastel TurquoiseAyeeda Paint - Pearl SilverAyeeda Paint - Matte BlueAyeeda Paint - Matte Lemon